HelpdeskMMDBiz has extensive virtualization experience with multiple vendors and holds certifications with VMware and Citrix

over 50% of servers are virtualized and over 90% of organizations are using cloud services for running applications and infrastructure-as-a-service. (source: Gartner and RightScale ).

MMDBiz can help your business to take advantage of the various virtualization services

what is virtualization?

Virtualization, in computing, refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including but not limited to a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.
definition from Wikipedia


why should your business use virtualization technology (VT)?

    • VT cuts down the number of required servers.
    • VT minimizes power consumption and cooling requirements and thus minimizes initial and recurring costs.
    • VT allows for greatly simplified server administration.
    • VT enables simple disaster recovery and full server backup
    • VT greatly simplifies creation of staging environments for testing your applications
    • existing servers can easily be converted to virtual machines
    • snapshots enable easy backup and restore and are used before "risky" operations on the virtual machine


IT services include:

    • server virtualization and consolidation
    • network infrastructure services
    • infrastructure as a service
    • setting up private & public cloud services
    • helpdesk with remote assistance
    • support ticket system


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